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President Jacques Chirac chose four main axes for his foundation: access to water and sanitation, access to quality healthcare and medication, environmental protection, and cultural diversity. All four converge onto a single goal: preventing conflicts. While peace is threatened by unresolved conflicts or crises, today, it is also destabilized by attacks on the environments and the risk of seeing in the very near future the number of climatic refugees number in the millions. Peace is also weakened by the collapse of social solidarity, by the crushing weight of monolithic cultures, by the resurgence of nationalist conflicts.

These issues correspond to major, current contentions. They are at the heart of debates, research, and daily innovations throughout the world. This blog, in its modest capacity, would like to offer the public an arena to discuss these subjects. Geneviève Ferone, Director of Sustainable Development at Veolia Environnement; Rozenn Milin, the Fondation’s General Delegate for Cultural Diversity and Director of the Sorosoro programme; Jean-Michel Severino, former Director of the French Agency of Development, Georges TsaïExecutive Vice Rector of the University for Peace (Costa Rica), will share their thoughts each week:

- Geneviève Ferone on the environment and energy issues,

- Rozenn Milin on cultural diversity,

- Jean-Michel Severino on development

- Georges Tsaï on conflict prevention.

The Fondation Chirac wants to encourage the exchange of ideas, techniques, and values, which contributes to the creation of an ever larger network of knowledge and practices that produce and induce sustainable development. Everyone is therefore invited to share their thoughts on these issues. This blog is yours and it is up to you to transform it into a dynamic arena of thought and exchange.

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