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Georges Tsaï, Executive Vice Rector of the University for Peace (Costa Rica)

Georges TsaïGeorges Tsaï is of Chinese, Greek-Turkish, and Italian descent. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Educated in Switzerland, he received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Collège St-Michel, Fribourg, a Licence of Political Science from the University of Lausanne, and completed his doctoral courses at the same University. He joined the Canadian Public Service in 1969, where he was appointed to several positions as an officer and senior executive up to the vice ministerial level.

His assignments included the positions of Director of the Official Languages Programmes, Secretary of State Department; Group Chief, Treasury Board; President of the Canadian Industrial Renewal Board; Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Board; Ethics Counsellor for the Government of Canada; Assistant Deputy Minister, Citizenship and Immigration Canada; and Senior Visiting Fellow, Canadian Centre for Management Development. He retired from the Canadian Public Service in 2003 to join the UN-mandated University for Peace to successively occupy the positions of Director, Planning and Program Development, Vice Rector and Executive Vice Rector. Since 2009, Georges Tsaï is member of the Committee of Experts of the Fondation Chirac Prize for Conflicts Prevention.

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