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Tristan Lecomte, Founder and President of Alter Eco

Tristan LecomteThe company he launched in 1998 today brings together the products of 160,000 disadvantaged small-scale farmers, who are grouped into 43 cooperatives operating in 25 countries. The farmers’ compliance with fair trade standards enables them to gain access to international markets. He has became known as a leader in the promotion of fair trade products both at the community level- through the creation of the Association for French-Nepal Solidarity – and in the business world. Tristan Lecomte is a graduate of the HEC Business School, Paris, as well as the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Brazil. Tristan Lecomte has also worked for L’Oréal.

Most recently he founded « Pur Projet », a collective that is working to combat global warming and deforestation. « Pur Projet » develops programmes for forest conservation and reforestation and works alongside groups of small-scale farmers, particularly in the Amazon rainforest.

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